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Honey From Around The World


Al Landaus Avocado Blossom 17.6 oz. - 16.25
Tasting notes of burnt sugar and caramel. Great substitute for maple syrup.

Al Landaus Rosemary blossom 17.6 oz. - 16.25
Slightly fragrant, mild and herbal. Great for cheese plate and rosemary lemonade.

Al Andalus Sampler 6x 1.9oz. - 21.99
Get a taste of Granada with these 6 honey varieties: avocado blossom, rosemary blossom, mountain, chestnut tree, orange blossom and wildflower.

Solera Chestnut honey in a handcrafted ceramic pot. 8.8 oz. - 14.99
Woody and highly aromatic honey, pairs well with savory foods.


Langnese Forest Honey 13.2 oz. - 17.50
This dark and silky honey embodies the flavors of the  Bavarian Forest.

Langnese Country Honey Creamy 17.6 oz. - 16.99
Mildly aromatic and delicately creamy.

Langnese Summer Flowers 8.2oz. – 10.99

Tastes like summer – light, sweet and floral.


Christmas Bush Honey 14 oz. - 19.99
Silky and creamy with herbaceous and marzipan tones.


Franca Franzoni Chestnut Honey 8.8 oz. - 14.75
This honey has deep mahogany color and woody, bittersweet and smoky tasting notes.

Franca Franzoni One Thousand Flowers Honey 8.8oz. - 13.75
Produced in the hills of Tuscany this honey is thick and crystallized, herbal and slightly woody.

Franca Franzoni Acacia Honey 8.8oz. – 16.99

This honey has a very delicate and floral taste; because of its low sucrose content it is a great choice for diabetics.

Dolce Alveare Lemon Blossom 8.8oz - 14.99
This Sicily honey is thick and sweet with delicate aromas of lemon blossoms.

Dolce Alveare Sulla Blossom (French Honey Suckle) 8.8 oz. - 13.99
Rich and slightly floral notes make this honey ideal breakfast honey to put on toast, brioche and granola

Dolce Alveare Orange Blossom 8.8 oz. - 14.99
Very sweet with a hint of marmalade and citrus.

Dolce Alveare Thyme Blossom 8.8 oz. - 15.25
This honey is delicately herbal with a slight scent of menthol and pine. Perfect topping for yoghurt, baklava or baked feta.


Vladov Floral Honey Crème 0.73 lb - 8.50
Perfect to spread on toast or baked goods.


Wedderspoon Manuka Honey
The honey that heals  - highly medicinal honey variety with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Earthy taste with notes of pepper and ginger.
16+   8.8oz. - 30.99
12+   8.8oz. - 28.99

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