When we opened Cape May Honey Farm in 2013,we had no idea it would become such a...buzzworthy spot. (Sorry!)


We are Doug and Andi - a 30-something-husband-and wife team. When we are not chasing our two young boys around we are working to provide pure, raw; in other words "REAL" honey from the hives we keep on Cape Island. We also offer artisanal honeys from small-batch beekeepers around New Jersey and the world. None of that imitation sweet stuff here!

Our customers are athletes seeking a healthier fuel option, allergy-sufferers in search of a tasty tonic, anxious folks in need of a calming remedy, and people who simply like their food as real as possible. Have another concern? There"s likely a honey for that,and we are here to help you find it.

For those seeking to sweeten -up their self-care routine, we also offer a variety of health-promoting products that are,ahem,fly. Because we believe what you put IN your body and what you put ON it are equally important.


Bee well,

Doug and Andi

All orders that include strawberry honey will start shipping on june 6th